Monday, 8 December 2014

Minecraft Project Week 7

I would defiantly recommend this activity because it is fun and awesome and it lets you think about if you want to become a builder when your older.

My favorite part about it was creating everything that my group and I made. I made the slaughter machine and I made a mine and got Jamie and Carter to become miners with me. I also loved the world because everyone was participating and no one wa

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Minecraft Week 5 Project

  • My goal was to accept and respond to feedback.
Heres the padlet

    Here is the post comments after the minecraft session.

What did we do?

Some people did a video of what they did over on Danny (Tutor) minecraft account.

What did my build group do?

We built a green house that contains wheat, potatoes and carrots. It's a working greenhouse with water underneath the crops so the water isn't messy.

How did it feel?

It felt great because I made a non messy greenhouse that's made out of lime stained glass. I also felt sad because someone broke blaze spawners in the nether that I needed so I had to find another nether fortress that had blaze spawners.

How did it go?

It went good because of the green house and next week I will be oped (get cheats) so I can use world edit so I can make a bridge to the nether fortress I found that had the unbroken blaze spawners.

What was the best part?

The best part was finding that other nether fortress because if I didn't I would of had to spend like 10 minutes looking for one. Also it's good that I found it otherwise no one could have strength potions because the default spawner and the only one you can get in vanilla minecraft is a pig spawner.

What we our successes?

 Our successes were figuring out how and who has the beacons.  Also everyone finished most of our builds and a few people used redstone in their builds.

What's next?

Next week I will be oped (have cheats) so I can use world edit to make a bridge to the new nether fortress.

What were our problems/challenges?

The problem was that someone broke all the blaze spawners so I had to find a new nether fortress. It took 30 seconds to find a new one.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Minecraft Week 4 Project

My goal today was to show perseverance.
Here is the pre comments

These are the post comments.

I built a slayer machine and setup an adoption day.
Heres me with part of he slayer machine.

My build group built there paddocks for their horses.

I felt great because I finally got to setup an adoption day. I also helped Jamie out which made me feel happy. Also felt sad because I didn't get a chance to make an upside down sheep and a rainbow sheep.

It went well because I got to finish the slayer machine and it works great.

The best part of it was making the adoption day and building the slayer machine. 

My success was building the slayer machine and creating the adoption day. It was awesome because everyone came along and tamed a horse so they can ride. Everyone was happy with their new horses. I also finished the underwater bride but I have to add a wee bit more to it to make it shine.

Next time I want to make a paddock for my horse and make the gardens because everyone is starving in the minecraft world because no one has food. 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Minecraft Week 3 Project

For minecraft week 3 my goal was to negotiate.

  This is the second padlet

My build group (The Farm) cleared out heaps of sand, dirt mounds and trees. Then we built the farm and I was in charge of spawning donkeys. I also built a nether wart farm.

Tomorrow I am going to set up an adoption day so people can buy their own horses.

The down part was that Titus accidentally poisoned the farms horses because he wanted to drink a splash potion of poison. I made the nether wart farm but my group started to destroy it because we didn't need it. But I said we did otherwise no one could brew potions.

A few build groups completed parts of their builds. Here is Anna with the police station.

Here's Sam with his part of his build.

 My goal for tomorrow is to make a path to the barn and gardens to grow food. And maybe a slaughter machine.

I felt happy and excited about the adoption day and I felt sad that Titus accidentally poisoned our horses. After that I went over to Titus and told him that it was okay because he didn't know what the poison did.

The problems were Titus accidentally poisoned our horses, Zain didn't finish the bridge and Danny accidentally deleted all the grass on our island by world edit but he did: //undo.

The success was we build a barn and a nether wart farm.

The best part was when I built the nether wart farm, we finished the barn and we cleared out land.

The next part is to finish the outside gardens, put paddocks outside, build a slaughter machine and Zain to finish the bridge.

It went well with finishing everything we wanted to finish today. 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Week 2 Minecraft Project

Week 2:

  1. Every build groups decided where they were going to build their building. I was building the farm. Photo
  2. Everyone made a padlet to put down their goals for the minecraft project that day.

3. Every build group made a plan on paper on the first 3 things we need to build.

4. Then a few people talked about how to take down the forest with TNT or Fire.
Levi had an idea about a flame thrower.
Sam had an idea about blowing up trees.

5.This is the pre comments padlet that room 19 made

This is the post comments padlet that room 19 made.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Week 1 Minecraft Project

Week 1

  1. In our first week of minecraft everyone got to choose our build groups. 
  2. When we got the the south learning centre we hoy into our build groups.
  3. All the build groups discussed where and what they are going to build.
  4. When we started the organisers (Danny and Audrey) asked me to tell the class how to open your inventory, what the hotbar is and how to switch to a different hotbar slot.
  5. We gave ourselves a rating out of 10 for minecraft. 1 is don't know what minecraft is and 10 is expert at minecraft. 
  6. Every build groups planned what they were going to put in their build. 
  7. We started our minecraft treaty that says no using invisibility potions and no destroying anyones builds.
  8. Soon we started to play minecraft.
Here are some photos: