Thursday, 30 October 2014

Week 1 Minecraft Project

Week 1

  1. In our first week of minecraft everyone got to choose our build groups. 
  2. When we got the the south learning centre we hoy into our build groups.
  3. All the build groups discussed where and what they are going to build.
  4. When we started the organisers (Danny and Audrey) asked me to tell the class how to open your inventory, what the hotbar is and how to switch to a different hotbar slot.
  5. We gave ourselves a rating out of 10 for minecraft. 1 is don't know what minecraft is and 10 is expert at minecraft. 
  6. Every build groups planned what they were going to put in their build. 
  7. We started our minecraft treaty that says no using invisibility potions and no destroying anyones builds.
  8. Soon we started to play minecraft.
Here are some photos:



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