Monday, 17 November 2014

Minecraft Week 4 Project

My goal today was to show perseverance.
Here is the pre comments

These are the post comments.

I built a slayer machine and setup an adoption day.
Heres me with part of he slayer machine.

My build group built there paddocks for their horses.

I felt great because I finally got to setup an adoption day. I also helped Jamie out which made me feel happy. Also felt sad because I didn't get a chance to make an upside down sheep and a rainbow sheep.

It went well because I got to finish the slayer machine and it works great.

The best part of it was making the adoption day and building the slayer machine. 

My success was building the slayer machine and creating the adoption day. It was awesome because everyone came along and tamed a horse so they can ride. Everyone was happy with their new horses. I also finished the underwater bride but I have to add a wee bit more to it to make it shine.

Next time I want to make a paddock for my horse and make the gardens because everyone is starving in the minecraft world because no one has food. 

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  1. cool blog Thomas, I like the way you have used the headings to help you. I thought perhaps you repeated some stuff, I wonder if there are different aspects to the same events. E.g. why did you feel good and your positives. Or how did you solve your problems?