Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Minecraft Week 5 Project

  • My goal was to accept and respond to feedback.
Heres the padlet

    Here is the post comments after the minecraft session.

What did we do?

Some people did a video of what they did over on Danny (Tutor) minecraft account.

What did my build group do?

We built a green house that contains wheat, potatoes and carrots. It's a working greenhouse with water underneath the crops so the water isn't messy.

How did it feel?

It felt great because I made a non messy greenhouse that's made out of lime stained glass. I also felt sad because someone broke blaze spawners in the nether that I needed so I had to find another nether fortress that had blaze spawners.

How did it go?

It went good because of the green house and next week I will be oped (get cheats) so I can use world edit so I can make a bridge to the nether fortress I found that had the unbroken blaze spawners.

What was the best part?

The best part was finding that other nether fortress because if I didn't I would of had to spend like 10 minutes looking for one. Also it's good that I found it otherwise no one could have strength potions because the default spawner and the only one you can get in vanilla minecraft is a pig spawner.

What we our successes?

 Our successes were figuring out how and who has the beacons.  Also everyone finished most of our builds and a few people used redstone in their builds.

What's next?

Next week I will be oped (have cheats) so I can use world edit to make a bridge to the new nether fortress.

What were our problems/challenges?

The problem was that someone broke all the blaze spawners so I had to find a new nether fortress. It took 30 seconds to find a new one.

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